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Here you'll find details about the Society, about membership, and about our Journal and Annual Meetings and Shows. We try to feature a different species of MammillariaCoryphanthaEscobaria, NeolloydiaThelocactus or Turbinicarpus each month, and sometimes these include newly described species.

We hope you will share our delight in this genus of plants, that stretches from Central America and the Caribbean through all of Mexico and deep into the Western States of the USA. New discoveries are being made all the time, and this web site will feature them once described in the appropriate Journal.

Please also visit the Mammillaria Forum to talk with other Mammillaria enthusiasts in the UK and around the world, but do please note that while this is supported by the Society it is not run by us.

You do not need to register to look at our free content. You can see our events for the year, and there is a lot of information in the Plants of the Month section, and details of other useful websites etc. 

Mammillaria Society members who want access to the Members area should contact either Chris Davies or Pete Arthurs, who will then register you and give you access. This Members Only area contains digital versions of our Journals from 2011 onwards which may be downloaded. The provision of access will typically take up to a few days after contacting us. It is unfortunately necessary to do it this way as we have been reveiving a lot of false registrations recently and the workload to remove these is much more than registering bona fide Society Members.  Trying to Register will take you straight to the logon page, and so will fail.

If you have any problems, please contact the webmaster for the site.



Events page updated for 2016.

The February 2016 issue of the journal is now available online. Indices for 2014 anbd 2015 have been added.

Members renewing and new members will be given access to the 2016 area during early April, once the February journal is uploaded and an up to date members list has been produced. The Journal covers section (Journals) is now fully brought up to date.

The November 2015 seedlist is now available for all to see, though orders will only be accepted from members.

New Plant of the Month - Mammillaria sphaerica just added.

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