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Mammillaria sphaerica


Mammillaria sphaerica in cultivation


Mammillaria sphaerica is fairly obviously related to Mammillaria longimamma, featured in our last Plant of the Month. It is however very distinct in where it comes from, as it's habitat is in southern Texas and Tamauilpas in northern Mexico.

It tends to grow smaller than its southern cousin, clumping less profusely, and making in time a clump of no more that 8" (20cm) or so. It has shorter tubecles, and unlike most forms of it's cousin, has a thick rootstock, though given enough room, it isn't a difficult plant to cultivate.

It is described as clustering, stems to 5cm in diameter, axils slightly woolly, radial spines 12 - 14, whitish to pale yellow, 6-9mm long, straight to slightly tortuous. There is one yellowish central spine, and its flowers are lemon yellow, 6-7cm wide.


Mammillaria sphaerica in habitat nearSan Antonio, Texas, USA