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Mammillaria albicans ssp. fraileana

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Mammillaria albicans ssp.fraileana, north of La Paz, BCS.  Copyright The Mammillaria Forum 2013  

This is the plant that we all know and love as Mammillaria fraileana, the current name being the result of the earlier description of Mammillaria albicans.

It is one of the most charasmatic plants of the Baja peninsular, often a bit untidy in growth, but always superb when in flower.

Originally reported in 1911 from  Pichilingue, north of La Paz, it wasn't formally described until 1925. It can be found around the bottom of the Baja peninsular, where it grows on non-calcareous rocks. The small cluster of stems, unevenly set around the bas eof the main stem, elongate to about 15cm long or more in cultivation. The spine colour varies from dull brown to dark brown, giving the plant a brownish appearnce, despite the white radial spines. It is when in flower, as shown above that the plant really come sinto its own. Not surprisingly for a plant of this Series and nature of habitat, light watering is recommended.