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Mammillaria bertholdii



Mammillaria bertholdii is a newly described species (Journal of the AfM, 2/2014), originally discovered in Oaxaca by Andreas Berthold, and described formally in the referenced issue by Thomas Linzen.

It is believed that it is a new member of the Saboe group within the Longiflora Series. The flower would certainly suggest this very strongly. As such, this is the first species in this Group to be discovered south of the volcanic divide, the remaining members originating from Durango and Chihuahua.

It grows close to the ground, and has tubercles and areole resembling those of a Pelecyphora, or indeed with affinities to the areoles of Mammillaria pectifera. However, the flower tube and flower itself clearly show its affinities are with the Saboe group.

It is not expected (and hoped) to come into cultivation for many years, as its habitat is very restricted, and should be classed as critically endangered.

The photos below are courtesy of T. Linzen and A. Berthold.