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Mammillaria hermosana




For many years this newly described (Journal of the AfM 1/2014) species has been in circulation under the name M. schrottii n.n., and it was often viewed as a form of M. lasiacantha. Plants under that name were characterized by the fruit which is partially embedded in the pant body, by the thick fleshy roots, by the almost pectinate spination and by the prominent flower colour. The discovery by Wolter ten Hoeve of a new population where the plants showed even more striking differences with M. lasiacantha led to renewed impetus to study the taxa under the name M. schrottii n.n. in more detail. This study has led to the description of the new M. hermosana.


It comes from the state of Zacatecas, and is limited in population, two main centres so far having being found with relatively small numbers of plants in each. The authors of the new description, Linzen, ten Hoeve et Martínez-Ávalos, have placed this species in the Series Herrerae, along with M. sanchez-mejoradae and M. roemeri.