Mammillaria Information


M. eriacantha ssp. velizii

M. eriacantha ssp. velizii J.LINARES, subsp. nov.

Mainly caespitose stems, branching out at base, stem cylindrical, elongated.

LENGTH: To 30-35cm.

WIDTH: To 4-6 cm. in diameter.

SPINES: Radials : 20-25, arranged in 1-2 series, 4-7mm long, the superior a little shorter, acicular, very fine, slightly curved towards the base of the tubercles, pubescent, yellowish or golden-brown, horizontal, interlaced with thos eof nearby areoles. Central spines: 2, acicular, 8-15mm long, shorter, thick, straight, stiff, pubescent, at first yellowish brown then clearer, thrown upward and downward forming an angle of 80-90°.

FLOWERS: Funnel shaped, short, lateral, appearing towards the superior half of the stem, 6-mm long and 4-5mm in diameter; external segments of the perianth lanceolate, wide, thin, yellow, torn up; internal segments linear-lanceolate triangular, pointed to acuminate, golden yellow, anthers yellow. Stigma in 4 lobes, lobes cylindrical.

FRUIT: Obovoid to turbinate, greenish or green yellowish, never purple or red, ca. 10mm long..

SEED: Brown, 1mm long or less.

HABITAT: Guatemala; Jutiapa, San Miguel Chaparron municipality, Km 167, rd Jutiapa - Ipala, near the crossing towards Santa Catarina Mita. Alt: 874m.